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Discovery denies racial profiling allegations

Discovery Health has denied allegations of racial profiling levelled against the organisation on Monday.

A group of Black and Indian private medical practitioners on Monday alleged that they were being unfairly treated by medical aid schemes based on the colour of their skin and ethnicity.

They said one of their biggest struggles is payment from medical aid schemes, they are exploited and harassed by medical aid schemes.

CEO of Discovery Health by Dr Jonathan Broomberg said: “I think just to make it clear, nothing could be further from the truth than the allegations that were made yesterday. These issues have got absolutely nothing to do with race, they have everything to do with fraud.”

Clinical social worker Nomaefese Gatsheni and Dr. Donald Gumede, Chairperson of the National Health Care Professionals Association accused the likes of Discovery, Medscheme and GEMS of harassment and exploitation-withdrawing payments due to them.

An invitation was extended to both Medscheme and GEMS to join in the conversation, however, they did not confirm their attendance.

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