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There is still time to fix NHI Bill

Health Funders Association to petition President Ramaphosa

The National Assembly and National Council of Provinces’ adoption of the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill is a disservice to South Africa and its citizens, and the Health Funders Association (HFA) is petitioning the President to reconsider certain aspects of the proposed legislation.

“In adopting the NHI Bill in its current form, Parliament has failed to take proper cognisance of the implications for citizens’ constitutional rights, healthcare as a whole, and the South African economy. In short, it has failed South Africa and its citizens,” says Craig Comrie, chairperson of the HFA.

“This is too important to let pass without every effort being made to ensure the President, as guardian of the Constitution, is fully aware of the unintended, yet completely foreseeable, consequences signing the NHI Bill into law in its current form would have for South Africa.

“There is still time to make the required changes to the bill that would help to make the goals of Universal Health Coverage achievable and sustainable in South Africa. “The Health Funders Association is therefore petitioning the President to send the draft legislation back to Parliament for the necessary amendments to ensure it is aligned with the true aims of Universal Health Coverage, and our Constitution, to serve South Africa better,” Comrie concluded.