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The National Assembly and National Council of Provinces' recent adoption of the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill in South Africa has prompted a response from the Health Funders Association (HFA). Craig Comrie, the chairperson of the HFA, criticises this development, arguing that it neglects the implications for citizens' constitutional rights, the healthcare sector, and the South African economy. The HFA views the bill, in its current state, as a failure to the nation and its people. Comrie emphasises the importance of addressing these concerns, urging that the President, as the constitutional guardian, should be fully informed about the potential negative outcomes of enacting the NHI Bill without revisions. He suggests that there is still an opportunity to modify the bill to better achieve and sustain the objectives of Universal Health Coverage in South Africa. To this end, the HFA is petitioning the President to return the draft legislation to Parliament for necessary amendments. These amendments are seen as crucial to align the bill with the true aims of Universal Health Coverage and the South African Constitution, thereby serving the country more effectively. The HFA's stance underscores the significance of careful legislative consideration in matters of public health and constitutional rights. Cape Business News.